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The generation of Saints, hero's and darkness...

Sunday, December 04, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Every generation endures trials of various degrees. Every generation produces great evils of various degrees. This generation we are now in faces great evils and tremendous dark days. This generation will also produce some of the greatest Saints and hero's of God that humankind has ever witnessed. Each of you are called regardless of your past accomplishments or your previous failures or sins to turn to the God of Mercy and Truth and allow Christ to transform you into the great Hero of God that you are meant to be. I don't care what you have done or not done in the past even if your life has been uneventful or a series of failures or even great sins. The infinite Mercy of God is greater than anything if you turn to God and repent today and begin anew. Think about it- you have been given a chance to completely begin anew today. You can be a great Saint - a great Hero of the Almighty One- but you must begin today. It will be hard. There will be trials. It will not be easy. You can do this through Christ Our Lord. You can live your life in darkness and mediocrity and die without hope and then face eternal fire. You can also struggle and fight the biggest battle ever through God's Mercy and Love and be transformed to become a Saint- a Hero.
All these things will pass away. All these comforts and sufferings will pass away but the Love, Mercy and Truth of God shall never pass away. Basically, you can be on a winning team- The winning team- or you can have a couple little victories and loose the biggest game of all. The battle is on my friends- the battle for each soul- for your soul- your choice to repent and begin anew today determines so very much for you.
We are very quickly approaching the time of a great upheaval of cosmic proportions very soon. I do not know when- none of us do- but it is coming. Do you choose today Light or do you choose darkness and death. So, do you choose to become a great Saint by repentance , prayer and perseverance today through Our Lord Jesus Christ or do you choose a little bit of fleeting joy and mediocrity and final damnation. Choose you must but I beg you to choose well for your soul is at stake. Those who reject God's Truth and Mercy will have no other option than face His Justice. This times demand real hero's with courageous faith and burning zeal. The hero's for this battle can be the elderly or the young the rich or the poor. Christ Our Lord calls each one to be a tuff warrior of faith. Namby pamby faith is for the birds. The Christian martyrs throughout the ages did not lay down their lives in cruel torture for namby pamby feel good spirituality. They did it with burning love and zeal for Our Lord and for souls. Each one of the thousands who read this are called personally to be that 'little Christ' to the world and bring souls before the Throne of God in love and devotion. We need hero's - we need Saints to boldly proclaim the Crucified and Risen Lord Jesus Christ to the world. This is the time to become a Hero - this is the time to become a friend of the Almighty God of Love and Truth. This is the time we live in- a generation of the greatest Saints and the darkest evils. This is the time to choose.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

"Our own time, with humanity on the move and in continual search, demands a resurgence of the Church's missionary activity. The horizons and possibilities for mission are growing ever wider, and we Christians are called to an apostolic courage based upon trust in the Spirit. He is the principal agent of mission!
The history of humanity has known many major turning points which have encouraged missionary outreach, and the Church, guided by the Spirit, has always responded to them with generosity and farsightedness. Results have not been lacking. Not long ago we celebrated the millennium of the evangelization of Rus' and the Slav peoples, and we are now preparing to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the evangelization of the Americas. Similarly, there have been recent commemorations of the centenaries of the first missions in various countries of Asia, Africa and Oceania. Today the Church must face other challenges and push forward to new frontiers, both in the initial mission ad gentes and in the new evangelization of those peoples who have already heard Christ proclaimed. Today all Christians, the particular churches and the universal Church, are called to have the same courage that inspired the missionaries of the past, and the same readiness to listen to the voice of the Spirit.
People today put more trust in witnesses than in teachers, in experience than in teaching, and in life and action than in theories. The witness of a Christian life is the first and irreplaceable form of mission: Christ, whose mission we continue, is the "witness" par excellence (Rv 1:5; 3:14) and the model of all Christian witness. The Holy Spirit accompanies the Church along her way and associates her with the witness he gives to Christ (cf. Jn 15:26-27).
The first form of witness is the very life of the missionary, of the Christian family, and of the ecclesial community, which reveal a new way of living. The missionary who, despite all his or her human limitations and defects, lives a simple life, taking Christ as the model, is a sign of God and of transcendent realities. But everyone in the Church, striving to imitate the Divine Master, can and must bear this kind of witness; in many cases it is the only possible way of being a missionary.
The evangelical witness which the world finds most appealing is that of concern for people, and of charity toward the poor, the weak and those who suffer. The complete generosity underlying this attitude and these actions stands in marked contrast to human selfishness. It raises precise questions which lead to God and to the Gospel. A commitment to peace, justice, human rights and human promotion is also a witness to the Gospel when it is a sign of concern for persons and is directed toward integral human development.
Christians and Christian communities are very much a part of the life of their respective nations and can be a sign of the Gospel in their fidelity to their native land, people and national culture, while always preserving the freedom brought by Christ. Christianity is open to universal brotherhood, for all men and women are sons and daughters of the same Father and brothers and sisters in Christ.
The Church is called to bear witness to Christ by taking courageous and prophetic stands in the face of the corruption of political or economic power; by not seeking her own glory and material wealth; by using her resources to serve the poorest of the poor and by imitating Christ's own simplicity of life. The Church and her missionaries must also bear the witness of humility, above all with regard to themselves-a humility which allows them to make a personal and communal examination of conscience in order to correct in their behavior whatever is contrary to the Gospel and disfigures the face of Christ." + His Holiness Pope John Paul II (the Great), Redemptoris Missio, 1990
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