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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

I made a promise to someone important and I always try my best to keep my promises- I try. The person I made the promise to just happens to be the Second Person of the Holy Trinity- Our Lord Jesus Christ. I promised that as best I could barring unforeseen things that I would attend Mass everyday during Advent to prepare for Christmas. I came very close to breaking that promise today. Things came up late last night and this morning and I missed Mass at my parish and a couple near by. All was not lost. God Provides! I remembered there was a parish in the metro that had Mass at 5pm. So I almost did not make it but 25 miles and a fair amount of rush hour traffic later and with our Blessed Mother's help I made it just in time. Dei Gratia!
Before I even begin to pat myself on the back and I do not need that. I have to think about people throughout the world who walk hours just to attend one Sunday Mass. Then I think about the people in parts of the world that Mass is not allowed to be celebrated and have to risk life to attend underground. I think about the priests and bishops through the ages who gave their lives to celebrate Holy Mass. Bread and wine being snuck in to all kinds of places just so the Mass could be offered. Men and women who were martyred for attending Mass. Men and women who gave their lives for the Eucharist. That is the real test of faithfulness that is the mark of a real hero for God. My little enjoyable drive was a luxury.
We (I) complain about going 5 miles for anything. I think the bar has been set so much higher by our brothers and sisters alive today and through the ages. We sacrifice for so many things but when do we sacrifice for God. The mark has been set higher for each of us. Maybe when I start to complain I need to look at the real hero's of God. Maybe when I think it is not worth it I need to see what they were willing to give up. Then again when I (or any of us) want to complain or feel a bit self righteous we need to look at a crucifix and re evaluate our notions. We also need to pray for those who actually can not attend Mass because of illness, distance or persecution.
I pray none of us will ever have to make the kind of sacrifice our brothers and sisters make or have had to make. I pray we will never be faced with that kind of test of faith. I know that if we can't even do the little stuff when it is easy then doing the difficult stuff when it is very hard is not likely to happen. I may not be able to do this again but at least today I tried to put God first. Tomorrow the struggle begins anew- let us pray! :-)
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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