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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

It seems that the further I progress in the spiritual life with Christ and the older I get the more I realize just how absolutely dependent I am upon God. I have no ability of my own to grow in prayer or in holiness it is all through the Mercy and Grace of God. I love the Gospel reading for Thursday and love to pray it in vespers each night. I think about Our Blessed Mother and the absolute humility and love that she shows to each of us in her Magnificat.
I think about the various struggles that I have had in the spiritual life -maybe that we all have- and to be honest sometimes I feel like I am in a wrestling match with God. The realization is though that I am not wrestling God but rather myself. It is when I -when we all stop fighting within the pride, the selfishness and all the sins that I (we all) want to hang on to like somekind of foolish baggage that is useless that God can really do His work. I wonder how silly we look rolling around trying in vain to hold on to sin and pride and things and even imperfections while God just waits patiently for us to stop and come into His Love. The example of the perfect Christian has so wonderfully been given to us all in Our Blessed Mother. So tonight and over the next couple days as we quickly approach Christmas I pray that Our Lady will help me (us all) to grow more like her so that I can become like the Divine Son she bore. Such a marvelous love God has given to me within the depths of my heart and soul I just have to learn to stop wrestling myself and let go and receive that Eternal Love and Mercy of God.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

"Preserve me, Lord, I put my hope in you.
I have said to the Lord "You are my Lord, in you alone is all my good".
As for the holy and noble men of the land, in them is all my delight.
But for those who run to alien gods, their sorrows are many.
I will not share in their libations of blood. I will not speak their names.
You, Lord, are my inheritance and my cup. You control my destiny,
the lot marked out for me is of the best, my inheritance is all I could ask for.
I will bless the Lord who gave me understanding; even in the night my heart will teach me wisdom.
I will hold the Lord for ever in my sight: with him at my side I can never be shaken.
Thus it is that my heart rejoices, heart and soul together; while my body rests in calm hope.
You will not leave my soul in the underworld. You will not let your chosen one see decay.
You will show me the paths of life, the fullness of joy before your face, and delights at your right hand until the end of time."
+ Psalm 16
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