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New Year's Resolutions

Saturday, December 31, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
This will have to be a very short posting, which is not always easy for me, I will try though.
With the New Year about to come here in the central time zone as many I think about resolutions. Now I know the whole thing one should not call it a resolution but ......(fill in the blank). What ever you call it my resolutions are pretty simple. I think with these that if I do my best to stick to them that everything else falls into place nicely. My resolutions are to spend more time in Adoration (as I can), daily Mass (as I can), perform daily acts of mercy as St. Faustina wrote about, try to listen to those in my life better and when I do speak to do so as an adopted son of God and not just to hear myself speak. To be better able to let the Light of Christ shine so brightly from me that others will be drawn to the Divine Mercy -certainly not me. To listen for the still quiet voice of God in prayer and in the words or others (with discernment obviously) so as to follow God's Holy Will. To live as God's child and enjoy the joys- thank Him for them- and offer up the rest. To take care of the little things daily with God's Grace and Mercy and allow Him to help me with the big things.
I hope and pray to be able to look back on this coming year and see that I abandoned my own self and put on Christ in all my daily tasks and in all my relationships. To be a bear witness by thought, word and deed to the Mercy and Truth of God. I think if I can do that then everything and everyone else will do well. There will be joys, there will be sorrows however- in Our Lord Jesus Christ there is always HOPE.
So, in my little way of starting this new year off and finishing the old properly I will leave now to spend the last part of 2005 before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and the first part of 2006 with Him. So, I offer the past year to God's Mercy and the coming year to the Divine Providence and the Divine Mercy. May His Holy Will be done in me and through me (and with us all) throughout the new year. I especially offer this new year into the hands of our Blessed Mother- the Mother of Mercy- to guide me, those in my life and the events of my life towards her Divine Son Jesus Christ.
Happy New Year!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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