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Remain in My Love!

Monday, December 19, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
One of the talks the Archbishop gave this weekend had the theme "Remain in My Love". The talk was one of the most profound I have ever been privileged to hear ever. Those simple yet so profound words "Remain in My Love" have haunted me for the past couple days. When we left yesterday he had given to each of us a book by Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan titled "Five Loaves and Two Fish". The Cardinal was a prisoner for over 10+ years in a terrible prison cell simply because he was a Archbishop of the Catholic Church. Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to the Cardinal while he was in prison and one of the things he wrote was the words "Remain in My Love. Remain in My Love". That is the message I would like you to carry with you as we enter a new year very soon- Remain in God's Love.

There are going to be times in the coming year of joy and great sorrow. We may face very hard times- individually or collectively. If you don't believe me go back and look at all the events in your life since last year at this time. Then, go back and take a look at the events in the world and each nation over the past year. Triumphs, sorrows, tragedies, devastation and many joys.
I heard it said by a wise priest one time that trials and sorrows either makes a person bitter or it makes them better. The difference- it is not from the world- it is not from 'spiritual' television gurus who want your money and take your soul. The difference is not from some new age or ecco spiritual false 'spirituality'. It comes not from money, power, sex, drugs or the latest made for television movie. The difference doesn't even come from people- though that helps- but eventually they die or grow apart. The difference comes when we remain in God's Love and get to know the God who is Love and that loves us so very much. Each of us- you- me- even the person 'we may not care for'. God loves us all. What we have to do to remain in His Love is to turn daily to Him. We have to really seriously examine our consciences and lives and see where we are choosing to fall out of His Love and then repent and reform. If a soul is in mortal sin then that soul must make a good sacramental confession and make some new choices fast. If a soul has venial sin then they need to make a good sacramental confession and make some new choices. Even a soul with some imperfections could stand a bit of reform. Caste off that old self. Caste off that dark wet moldly cloak that you have been carrying around for years and put on Our Lord Jesus Christ. You have tried it how long your way? Years, Decades...? You have tried it your way- you have tried it the world's way- you have tried it maybe even the evil one's way- today you and I need to do it God's Way and in accordance with His Loving Will.

The other ways to Remain in His Love is through frequent worthy reception of the Holy Eucharist. If you don't attend Mass at all start. If you attend on Sunday's then go to a few daily Masses as you can. Then we can not forget about the importance of the daily regular time in prayer, reading Sacred Scripture and good solid spiritual reading. Make a regular weekly or even more often Holy Hour before Our Eucharistic Savior Jesus Christ. Pick up a Rosary and begin. Make a new years promise to yourself- to your soul- that you will pray the Rosary everyday. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy especially at 3 pm. Pray several times a day the St. Michael prayer. Pray for your family and friends and also pray for the neighbor for those who are suffering and pray for those who are lost in the most darkness right now. Pray for the government leaders, pray for the Holy Father and your Bishop, pray for children who have no home or are in terrible situations. Pray that God will open your eyes to those around you who are hurting and suffering so that you can be a 'little Christ' to them. Pray for those you work with, those who you see in the shops and markets and pray for an end to the mass killing of children in abortion. There are so many reasons and people to pray for and to do so will help you and will help them remain in His Love.

Folks I hate drop this bombshell on you but suffering will happen. The world and all the false spirituality put together will never stop that. Even the faithful Christian will suffer not always because of their own fault but because suffering is a result of sin in the world and the original fall of man. If we try to just patch things together with little ideologies or self help manuals or even great charity organizations (that should be praised and supported) it is just a patch at best. Christ is the answer and to remain in His Love regardless of the trials or hardships enables the soul to be free and fly on wings of an eagle. This life be it very difficult or one of luxury is alas finite. It will all end for each of us. What we must do is prepare for eternal life by remaining in His Love. We must help our brothers and sisters who are suffering economically, socially, physically and especially spiritually so that they too may come to remain in His Love. We don't give up instead we fix our eyes on Our Lord Jesus Christ, press forward and remain in His Love.
So, that was my little musing for the day about what I got from three powerful words of hope and faith.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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