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Semantics of politically correctness.....

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I just finished a Holy Hour with Our Lord today and was driving home and listening to Archbishop Sheen on the radio and the thought came to me about the politically correctness gone amuck in the world these days. To be correct implies truth and real Truth can only be found in Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Eternal Truth. Politically correctness minus correctness in other words minus truth is just vain glory politics. Pilate was a politician but he lacked truth even when the Truth looked at him in the face literally. I wonder if some of the politically correctness run amuck is less trying to be insure justice for people and more a very simple case of vanity and trying to look good before the world. Yes, injustices and real civil rights violations must be always rooted out. Yes, every person has a right to basic freedoms. Yes, no one should be judged unfairly or prejudicially. No one should ever be persecuted. However, we must insure the rights of all people within a framework of Truth and Justice and not allow the victimization of one class to be unduly transferred to another. When we take the correctness- the Truth- out of politically correctness we are left with selfish politics which swings to the wind of the loudest voices or the most influential.
I love the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When he stated that one day he dreamed that children (all people) would be judged by the content of the character not by the color of their skin. I think today by enlarge society judges not by character but by the motives of selfish gain. What is in it for me. By enlarge the media will quickly chastise the Church for some very bad sins of a few but will turn a blind eye to the mass killing of children in abortion. Why? Because it is not popular to do so and money is at stake. We glorify a heretic Anglican bishop who is leading followers astray with his lifestyle but attack the Catholic Church for not falling to the tide of relativism, sin and death. We oppose wars and violent crime but still flood the television shows and movies with violence. We fight STD's and sexual crimes and yet flood the culture with a glorification of the same behaviors which causes both. Why? Because we are afraid of loosing money in advertisements or loosing the respect the world. We still do not judge by the content of character but by what is in it for me. Politically correctness begins with correctness firmly rooted in Truth. Without Truth, which comes from God, it is just selfish politics dealt out to the highest bidder.
If those in Hollywood or the secular media really desire real respect then go against the tide. Rather I think what we see is a reverse of the McCarthy years in that so many are afraid of loosing position, power, money, the spotlight, that chosen time slot, the next big movie deal or the possibility that they may need to (we all may need to) make radical new choices and repent. It took courage to speak out against the culture of segregation by Dr. King years ago and ended up costing him his life. It takes courage to take a stand against the evils of society and truly be politically correct today. What people want is fluff and to pad their wallets and egos. What people want is to do anything they can get away with at any cost and not be told what is right, just and true and what is not. Regardless of what the present culture says or who pads our egos or wallets if we are being politically correct without real correctness- without real Truth then we are just political toys to the evil one. What we have is political confusion- moral, cultural and intellectual confusion- not politically correctness. It is time to get our semantics down a bit and truly be correct to God and each other.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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