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The struggling soul moves on.

Friday, December 30, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
If we are not struggling we are dead. We may be walking and talking and doing all kinds of things but within our souls we are dead. Saint Faustina spoke about the daily struggle in her diary which I will quote from.
"I begin my day with battle and end it with battle. As soon as I conquer one obstacle, ten more appear to take it's place. But I am not worried, because I know that this is the time of struggle, not peace." Diary of St. Faustina #606
I think, as I wrote in a earlier posting that is in the struggle- the daily battles- to overcome self and put on Christ that the real work toward sanctification takes place. Maybe the farther we go in the spiritual life the more we battle- or at least the more we realize the struggle. Milquetoast Christianity- lukewarm Christianity (ref. Rev. 3:15-16)- does not lead to santification in fact the opposite. Milquetoast Christianity fails on so many levels I believe primarily because there is no struggle. So the soul slips into complacency and the darkness reaches a point that they do not realize just how far they have gone. If we are struggling and placing our trust in God's Mercy then through prayer and the Sacraments are hearts are set aflame with His Burning Love.
We all want the easy path. We all want Love without Truth. We want to just do the bare minimum to get by. We want the Easter Sunday with out Good Friday. We don't want to struggle. It is the struggle- the daily battle- that moves the soul onward. If we stop we sink into the mud of complacency, error and sin- we are dead. We have to put out trust fully in The One who loves us with an everlasting love.
I struggle- we all do- but today I place my trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ and move towards Him. Maybe at the end of the day- or especially at the end of our life- if we can say the words of the Christmas carol the Little Drummer Boy- "I did my best for Him" then we have fought well. If we are not willing to struggle a bit today when things are pretty easy then I ask how on earth can we do it in hard times. If we shrink under the pressure of daily struggles then what would happen when things are very difficult. Christianity is a struggle but without Christ there is no hope of salvation. Milquetoasting it through life is a poor way to live and it is very deadly. If we really believe what we profess in the Creed why wouldn't we want to burn with zeal for God. If we are just saying the creed and not embracing our faith in the daily struggle then we are actually living some kind of warped multiple personality thing- I think. We should be constantly examining our lives and trying to overcome sin and grow in virtue. We should constantly be rending our hearts so that we can become holy as God is Holy. We look at the lives of the saints and there are no half saints there are no mediocre saints. That is what we have to do- to become saints- so we daily continue to struggle.
May we all join the struggle- the battle- so that we may say with the confidence of the saints "Jesus I Trust in You"- lead me on.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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