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We need Elijah and John the Baptist today!

Sunday, December 11, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

We live in times of such great wonders and such great and increasing evils. Man has created both. Hope comes from God and in Him so must our hope for eternity. We need voices to cry out for Truth and call people of every race and tongue to repentance and prayer. We need St. Elijah's voice to ring from the highest peak and in the lowest valley. We need St. John's voice to cry out for all people to reform their ways and prepare their hearts for the coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

We must be the witnesses we are called to be- the great Saints of God we are called to be. We need to rise up to the dignity that we were created by the Most High God to be. Sin and evil pull us down to a lower 'non-dignity' than we were not intended to live for. I think the Christian life many times is a tug of war between the lower base self constantly pulling our dignity down and the dignity we are called through Our Lord Jesus Christ to rise to. Practicing one's faith takes courage and perseverance and is not for the faint of heart. It is not a feel good religion but rather a serious combat that lasts a lifetime. It takes men and women of great courage to rise above the mundane and mediocre existence that the evil one wants to bring us to and to boldly proclaim as witnesses the Truth and Mercy of God.

I think it the constant struggle between Truth and Love that is the proving ground for holiness. It is in reaching that balance that one becomes holy as God is holy. To put it mildly it is a struggle but what a glorious struggle it is. In that intersection of Divine Justice and Divine Mercy is the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. So too, I think, it is the daily struggle- that intersection- to overcome self and put on Christ that holiness is worked out. That is, I think, what St. Paul refferes to as fighting the good fight. If we don't witness to that struggle for Christ and give the world hope by our words and our living out that witness daily then we are just going through the motions and risk loosing souls including our own.

We need not shrink away from the daunting task before us for we serve the Lord of Hosts not a mere creature or created illusion. I know that I must better proclaim Christ and the very real truth of God's wrath. Instead we fill our minds with pointless things or our words with that politically correct speech that darkens the soul of the listener. What we need is to see the light clearly and experience the darkness just as clearly so we can better know what we are called to. We need voices crying out for conversion and repentance. We need to turn our hearts inside out and back again so that we can get rid of the errors that come in. The only way the world can be transformed is through Christ and He is the only way we can be transformed individually. We have to proclaim Christ and the Truth of God's Law and His Mercy. Just as St. Elijah did, just as St. John the Baptist did we too must be that voice that cries out in the wilderness. Our Lord calls us to be a light to the world. Many times the world does not like light. I do also know that cockroaches and rats do not like the light. If we can not flood the world with the Light of Christ and dispel the error and sin (the cockroaches and rats) then others will be lost and we will be partially to blame for their loss. We must proclaim the Truth with Love always. We must proclaim the infinite Mercy of God always. We must not hide behind the veil of politically correct illusion lest we lead souls astray and loose our own souls in the process. To be Children of Light is a incalculatable gift from God and it bears a great responsibility to bring the light of Mercy and Truth to the world regardless of the cost.

We need St. Elijah and we need St. John the Baptist- we need to all put on the mantle and proclaim Christ to the world. A hidden light is not a light at all but just a fire hazard and you can guess what fire awaits. May our Merciful God grant us all the grace to be that voice in the wilderness and the grace to fight the good fight for Him.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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