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What a week- what a weekend- what a life in Christ!

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

I may not get to post tomorrow and I know I will not be posting on Saturday and most of Sunday. I will be on retreat. This is kind of a big one for me. I think I have learned more about myself and just how dependent I am on our Merciful God in the past week than I have in several months added up. I learned that when I start to be afraid of what direction God is leading me and what will happen next is when I loose focus on the eternal Mercy and Truth of God. I have to step out unto the waters and keep my eyes fixed on Christ Our Lord and make this leap of faith for Him. I know I not only have to do this for Him but to somehow show to the world in my feeble way that we do have a God who is so Merciful and Loving. With God all things are possible- alone I am going to fail- I have done it enough so I know this to be true. However, through Christ and in His Heart I can do any task no matter how daunting that He sets before me. Maybe God takes on the biggest miracles in peoples lives just so He can show to the world His awesome power. Maybe He gives us big miracles to give everyone hope who need the smaller miracles. I know this much and that is there when ever I place my complete trust and hope in Christ Our Lord that He always provides. The answer may not be what I had thought of- and my life is a testament to that- in the end though His Love is far greater and His Eternal Wisdom is far greater than anything I or anyone could ever hope or dream of. Christ Our Lord alone can sustain me and if I trust and obey then He can work great wonders. If I can somehow show in this irregular blog to the world that when a soul puts their trust in the Crucified and Risen Christ that there is hope- great hope- then I have done well with it. Tomorrow begins a new day for each of us- a new promise of hope in the infinite Mercy of God. The best the world can offer is a quick fix but in Christ there is hope. This I know.
Say a prayer for me as I go on retreat. May you come to know God's Mercy in a very special way this weekend.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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