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The cancelled West Wing on me!! Rats!!

Monday, January 23, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I just saw that they are going to cancel West Wing. Shoot! That was one of the few shows that I enjoyed. I hate reality television- I think it plays to the lowest denominator and dumbs everyone down to primary school level. This happens everytime they move a show from one night to another. I used to record the show when it came on Wednesdays since I always had Adoration around that time then I would watch it later. When it was moved I like others gave up on trying to find it. Just watched it again last night and started to get interested and then I see they are going to cancel it.
The sad thing is it will more than likely be filled with some mindless babble or a show with more violence than downtown Baghdad. What happened to shows that make you think?? What happened to family shows?? I really think people are so numb from being bombarded with junk all the time they don't realize just how bad the stuff is. I remember watching reruns of Gunsmoke with my Granddad and just loving it. Sure there was a couple gun fights but the Marshal Dillon always won, Festus was always doing something then there was Doc who was a hoot. You had to use your mind a bit -there was usually some lesson and it was basically clean television.
I don't expect polyanna television from the networks but I would like to turn on the set without the constant sexual references, mindless violence, bias against any moral or religious authority, promoting drug use and just the stupefying of the public. I really think if you were able to get the proper promotion and the right 'stars' to pull it off you could have most of the people spending hundreds of bucks for organic orange peels that they wear on their heads. I really think most folks would just go with what ever the favorite star did and would not think at all about how dumb it is. I think many people regardless of what they say would rather have someone else tell them what to do rather than think with the brain God gave them.
Oh well, I have to get ready for daily Mass and begin a busy day. This is all the time I will waste on this subject. May God have Mercy on us as we face the replacement which brings more minds down further. I think I will just have to give up sans the news and occasional sports.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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