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Monday, January 16, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

I find myself looking back at various stages of development within my soul. Each stage seemed to have a particular prayer or phrase. I know that the dark night finally broke months ago this fall with my surrender to how ever long it took and realizing that I had to depend on God Alone. That had to be one of the most spiritually painful times. I was not in grave sin. I was living a sacramental life and my prayer life was certainly there. But I still depended too much on my actions and not on God. I had to be purified and that is not pleasant. It is necessary if we want to progress and I knew that- yet still it is not easy.
The thought that has been coming to me for weeks now is to pray that I be conformed body and soul more into the image of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I can only pray that during this process -how ever long it takes- I will respond to and be properly disposed to the workings of the Holy Spirit. My hope and prayer is that as you have made this journey with me for almost 2 years now that you will be able to see just how wonderful Our Merciful God is. I hope and pray that by in a little way by sharing the ups and downs of my journey that you have been able to also enter into your own journey of hope. I hope and pray that you can start to see that the God of Mercy, Love and Truth can do all things to and for the soul that trusts in Him.
Now my journey continues on. There will be with this new journey many ups and downs. Times of consolation and times of desolation and times of dryness. This journey has been so wonderful and that is what I hope for you. I pray that we all may be better conformed to Christ daily.
In a few days I will be posting my last posting on this particular blog. I will also place a link to my new one. I think I will leave this blog for now up so that it may serve in some small way in the vastness of the web as a tribute and witness to the God of Mercy, Love and Truth. I just have to get some template issues worked out so that it looks ok. I may have to tweak things a bit later. This new blog will also describe my journey but I will also be bearing witness much more than I did here. Sometimes that witness will be of God's infinite Mercy and sometimes it will be of His Justice. It will always be about His Love. Still some rambling insights. Still some more routine blogging of life. Still some reflections. However, I know what I must do and that is to bear witness. I don't even fully understand what that means just yet but I have to be obedient. The writings at first I can only imagine will be similar but there will be many changes over time just like on this blog change takes place through the Mercy and Grace of God- and hopefully some better writing on my part.
So, there will be a few more postings to go and then one last hurrah on Working Papers and on to the new one. I only wish there was a way I could print the past two years and save them but I think I would use up reams upon reams of paper and binders. The tribute to God will alas have to be on the net and within my soul and how I follow Christ in the future. In a way it is kind of a bitter sweet moment but also with all the wonderful things going on in my life that He has done- not me- but Christ- I have to only trust and move forward. I have to just say Jesus I Trust in You! My Jesus how I love You!! Thank You my Lord- Lead me on.
So, watch for the switch coming up and say a prayer for me and for my intentions as I step out further onto the water towards the God of Mercy.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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