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Sunday, January 22, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
So often we hear that - if you don't like the situation then work for a change. The idea is good. I propose another way which I shall try to detail in this posting.
If you do not like a situation what ever the situation. Home, family, Church, vocations, social justice, the moral decay of society, war, famine or anything else change your heart first. Go to confession on a monthly or even weekly basis. Attend daily Mass. Pray before the Blessed Sacrament on a regular basis. Pray daily the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Spend time reading good spiritual books of the Doctors and Saints of the Church. Pray and pray some more daily. Rend your heart each day in a examination of conscience. Offer up your prayers works joys and sufferings to God. Then as your heart and soul are transformed through God's Merciful Love and Grace then in time He will give you little tasks to do for him and other lives will be transformed. But it has to begin with you and with me in our daily spiritual life.
It does not matter if we are 16 or 106 you can become a great Saint of God as we are all called to be but so few work towards it. So, let me give an hypothetical example for you. A person is concerned about the crisis in vocations within the Church. Committees are formed action taken and not much happens. The same person begins a path of personal santification through frequent reception of the Sacraments, serious prayer time, Adoration, and growth in the Truths of the Church. This person then feels later to invite another to daily Mass and another or to discover the great wonder of the Holy Rosary or the Divine Mercy. One of those people just so happens to have a young man or woman in their lives that with a lot of prayer and some encouragement could enter formation. That person also begins to come to know the True and Living God and like links on a website or links on a chain slowly others whether we realize or not are transformed. Vocations begin to abound. Then that person brings others to God's Mercy and Truth. Change begins in our own hearts.
The Light of Christ that we allow to burn brightly within us gets passed on. We first must begin daily through prayer, through the Sacraments and then we can shine brighter to the world around us. The streams of Living Water flow outward from within a good trusted priest reminds me of. We have to get rid of the junk that we carry around by rending our hearts- going to frequent confession- praying daily- and receiving Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Then, I think, that the more we do this then the Living Waters of God can wash over those around us. Then they can see just how wonderful Our Merciful and True God is.
You don't like the scourge of abortion or the moral decay of the world then first change your life and your heart through God's Mercy and Grace. Then as you are stregthened by the Sacred Body and Sacred Blood of Christ regularly God will open up ideas that you can do to be a effective instrument for Him. If we focus on the problem and are not willing to do things in our own lives to turn from our own sinfulness- even venial sins and imperfections- then how can God really use us.
I think the role of the witness begins within in the daily 'little things' we do or don't do. If we are faithful in the little things then God will grant us opportunities for other things. This does not mean that we close in on ourselves for that would be one of those selfish 'me-isms' I have referred to in the past. However, we have to make sure our souls are right first so that the Holy Spirit can work best through our actions.
You know who really inspires me in my travels around to various parishes. Sometimes yes it is the priest but many times it is the faithful man or woman who day in day out lives as a silent witness of hope. The lady or man who despite age or infirmity still makes it to daily Mass and even when their health or other reasons does not permit that prays regularly. The person who suffers serious ailments but still prays and offers it up for souls. Their prayers are very fruitful. Their offerings no matter how simple on appearance bears much fruit. God blesses their offering in ways they can never dream of in the souls of others. I can attest to that personally. The little silent witness who is striving for personal holiness and to do the Will of God is many times a greater witness than just about anyone.
Maybe you or I can not bring a great harvest of souls before God in a direct way. However, we can through or prayers and example lead the next great Saint to discover his or her own vocation and then they will. I think about one of my favorite priests- who I have never been blessed to see or meet personally- Fr. John Corapi. What if his mother did not strive for her own personal sanctification and just settled for the mediocre. I can not say but I wonder if the vast number of souls that he has lead to a deeper conversion with Christ would have had that same conversion had it not been for her prayers and witness for him. Maybe I am wrong but I don't think so.
A wonderful example of this concept is St. Therese. The vast numbers of souls that have found Our Lord Jesus Christ. The vast number of priests and religious who have found their vocations to serve Christ and proclaim Him. All of this and more from the fruits of a little young nun who did not leave the cloistered walls of Carmel. Another example is St. Faustina and the witness of Divine Mercy that she was from her monastery. God used her to bring about the Truth of His Mercy and countless souls have found the Divine Mercy as a result. Yet she did not go forth the four corners of the world. God used her and the sacrifices and prayers she offered to be His witness. St. Maria Goretti is another example. So is St. Gianna Bereta Molla. The list goes on and on. God can use you if you do your part today. You will never know what fruit you can bear if you do not start today.
In my own life what if those people that led me towards Christ in those little ways they did not appreciate then would have just settled for mediocrity rather than personal sanctification and prayer. Would I be a witness for the Truth and Mercy of Jesus Christ to the world today or in the future. Maybe but I don't think so. The little things do matter. The daily witness we give matters. The daily prayer, the rending of our hearts and especially the frequent reception of the Sacraments do greatly matter not only for us but for others.
You can make a difference in the world. You must begin in prayer today. You must begin in the confessional. You must begin in Adoration. You must begin in the room alone with the door shut with just you and God. Then, I think, and only then will the situations you are upset about today change later. I can not do it for you though and no one else can. You must pray today. Turn off the television. Turn off the computer. Allow yourself to become the Saint that God intended you to be. Then the situation will change. Through Christ Jesus all things are possible.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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