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Love's Purification

Friday, January 27, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
There have been times when I feel so over whelmed by God's Love and Light when I am making a daily Hour Hour that it is painful. It is all I can do to not get off my knees and go home. I have learned though that I have to stay and remain in His Merciful Love. It does not happen often and sometimes too often but it is the most intense feeling I have ever experienced. You want to scream Lord God let me go but at the same time Lord God draw me closer. The hour passes and sometimes several in His Presence then the storm of Love passes by and my soul is a wasted land of Merciful all encompassing Love and Light.
Then there are the times that to be away from the Sacred Host- from the Real Presence is also painful. It is like being away from someone you love so much and can not see. It is like a profound homesickness that can only be cured from the Holy One.
How does one describe this to the world that has rejected God's Love and Mercy- it is difficult- especially for me. How does one convey that this purification both before Him and away from Him is necessary in order to expand the capacity of the heart and soul for love- for God. We all need to be purified and molded into the children God wants us to be.
Unfortunately the world needs a major purification and in some cases so does the Church. We need to expand our collective hearts through examination of conscience and through worthy reception of the Sacraments so we can better be children of the God of Love. Like the purification I experience, like the daily rending of my heart, we need to prepare the soil so that we can bear fruit. The farmer first must prepare the soil, remove the debris and then it is ready to be planted and be tended and harvested. Bad soil- bad preparation bears many times disputing harvests or none at all. Worse still dangerous weeds can choke off the life of the good plants if the garden is not tended properly. We must prepare our hearts so we can grow in love-for God is Love.
Love is occasionally difficult to grow in and bear but is is always far better than the alternative. Suffering is a word we do not like to hear- I do not enjoy suffering. However in looking back on the past few years of my life I can clearly see that to soften my heart I needed to pass through the crucible of suffering. On the other side looking back I am grateful for I see now the Loving and Merciful Hand of God that drew me closer to Him. He never left my side through it. As I started to really make progress in the spiritual life there have been spiritual dark nights- not to be confused with emotional or physical sufferings. Those times which I have briefly spoke of earlier in this posting and in others were times of intense purification interiorly. Though at times painful they were so necessary for the progress of the soul. Occasionally I will speak to a person who has gone through this dark night and I can always see clearly the absolute joy that they have and the depth of their souls love for God. I can as those who have passed through spiritual dark nights as well as physical and emotional suffering and more clearly proclaim than ever before that truly there is nothing- absolutely nothing that can separate us from the Love of God. We may choose by our selfish actions- our sins- to turn from the God of Love, Mercy and Truth but He does not turn from us. He calls us to turn to Him and come home to His Love.
There is nothing more difficult yet so very easy than to simply remain in His Love. To remain and draw closer into the Sacred Heart of Our Lord is alas the most wonderful journey we can ever go on.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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