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Monday in the Spirit

Monday, January 23, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I was sent this prayer and thought I would pass it on via this blog. Apparently it comes from the Roman Brivary.
Thank you Dennis for the prayer.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

"Lord, fill our minds and hearts
with the fire of the Holy Spirit,
so that we may serve you in purity of body
and please you
in cleanness of heart.
Through Christ our Lord.

Lord, may the paraclete
proceeds from you
enlighten our minds,
and lead us to all truth,

as your Son has promised.

Through Christ our Lord.

May the Holy Spirit, Lord,

cleanse our consciences by coming,
so that when your Son,

our Lord Jesus Christ comes,

he may find in us
a dwelling place
prepared for God.

Through Christ our Lord."
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