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Stop complaining and START praying!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lord Jesus Christ have Mercy on us and on the whole world!!

Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
It is easy for me to complain about those who are in dissent within the Church. It is easy for me to complain about those who teach false teachings within
the Mystical Body of Christ. It is easy for me to throw out words like heretic and pagan- even when their actions and words justify it. I will not do that. Instead what I will do is tell those who are teaching and involved with dissent and heterodox views that I pity you. Yes I pity you. I feel so sad for you. You have allowed the father of lies to grab your soul and fill you with agendas and false teachings. What is worse I pity those who lead others astray by their heterodox false beliefs and pseudo spiritualities. As Our Lord Jesus Christ said and numerous prophets -WOE UNTO YOU. I actually feel more sorrow for what God may give you- and me if I lead others astray- than those who have never known Christ. I will pray for those of you who are playing with fire.

For the rest of you who are faithful I ask that you pray for those throughout the world that maybe going astray and bringing others astray with them. So pray the
Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for those who are leading souls astray and choosing to cast their selves into the pit. Who they are really does not matter I think. They are on the extreme right and the extreme left. Seems the more dangerous ones are on the left but that is my view. What matters is that we must pray constantly for them and for the entire Church. We face very dark days ahead and we must prepare our souls and help those who are spiritually weak. I think rather than me or any of us going after particular groups or individuals who are pushing errors- we must lift them up in prayer. We have to realize that in many cases they are spiritually sick and so we need to pray for them just as we would pray for the physically sick and dying. Those in error and especially those who lead others into error and sin will face a much greater punishment than our verbal or written chastisement could ever impose. The Lord God of Hosts does not like it when His little ones are led into the hands of the evil one. I don't claim speak for Him but it is clearly written in the Sacred Scripture. Verbum Dei.

We have to
pray constantly for those in the Church and for all peoples that they may come to know the Mercy and Truth of Jesus Christ. We must pray for our priests, our Bishops and especially our Holy Father. We also need to pray everyday for those who walk in darkness and are being fooled by the evil one constantly- whether we know of someone or not. God will answer the prayers and pour Truth and Mercy into the souls as He sees the need. We have to pray that we -ourselves - stay faithful and do not get caught up in the traps of the evil one. If we are so focused on those who are lost in error or in the evils of the world that it leads us to sin then we must re-focus on Christ.

We have to pray that we persevere in faith. Let Our Lord handle the other stuff we have to focus on the Crucified and Risen One and stay faithful to
His Vicar- Peter- Pope Benedict XVI. I thought about posting a photo of Mr. T with a caption "I Pity the Foo ". But I thought that may be a bit too over the top and would take focus off of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Funny maybe but not to evangelical on my part and not really being a good witness to the Mercy of God. So instead I decided to post the image of the Divine Mercy. Also, for my part in my private life and publicly on this blog and the next I will try to take the focus off of those who deserve my pity and prayers and place it instead on Our Merciful God where my attention belongs.

Folks- we have to pray- I can not say it enough. The dividing line is being cast down and we need to insure we are on the side that has
God's Mercy and Truth for that is the only winning side. We need to pray and rend our hearts and prepare spiritually. We have to pray for the spiritually sick and weak that they may grow strong in the Mercy and Truth of Jesus Christ. We don't need complaints but authentic warriors and saints of Christ Our Lord. We need to make sure that the words Our Lord Jesus Christ says to us is "COME" not "WOE". I have personally had enough woes in my life I prefer to come home to Christ and rest.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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