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Monday, January 09, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Many people waited with anticipation for recent books and films to be released. What I am on the edge of my seat about is the Holy Father's encyclical "Deus Caritas Est". I have no doubt that when it is released to the entire Church and the world that theologians will be pouring over the words for a long time to come.
I sometimes wish that I could just be around the theologians that I admire and occasional ask a few questions and more than anything just listen and absorb. I honestly think I would be content right now to just be the janitor for these folks and stay in the background and learn from the masters. Today though I am more than happy to just do the little things that God gives me each day and pray that somehow to help others find the Truth of Christ in a more profound way. I can't complain too much after all so far the School of the Eucharist has done more for me than anything else. In time there will be bigger things. In time there will be battles to fight but today I rejoice for the Divine Master has taught me pretty well.
We face such very dark days before us rapidly. This is also a time of great Light for individual souls to shine with the Light of Christ. We can do so much for Christ and become great Saints today if we can break from the mediocrity and confusion of the evil one. If we can convince people that there is a absolute Truth- a absolute source of Love and Mercy and that we don't have to compromise one for the other- conversions will occur. The world will be transformed soul by soul. If the world continues though on the present path of politically correctness and relativism more confusion and more evil will spread. We in the Church have a responsibility to the Lord God of Hosts to be vigilant, watchful, prayerful and proclaim the Truth and Love of God. There is no contradiction between Divine Truth and Divine Love for God can not contradict Himself. It is our weak human nature that tries to box things up or even worse say there are no moral or religious absolutes. If we can not be heralds for the Truth and Love of God which as I see it finds itself right at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ then we are failing miserably. We will also be judged and found desperately wanting if we can not proclaim the Truth of God- as we are in the fullness of the faith.
Alas, I digress, I look forward to this coming encyclical that the Vicar of Jesus Christ will soon release. Maybe someday should I make it to the heavenly banquet I can finally meet the people like our present Holy Father and our beloved John Paul II and others I respect and thank them for helping me to better come to know The One whom we love and serve. I think though that I will be so happy just to be in the Beatific Vision that everything else will not matter. To see the Holy Face of God is all that matters. To see the God who is Love and Truth and be with Him- that is the ultimate reward- even I dare say better than learning directly from the theological masters of our day.
Pray for the Holy Father, pray for his brother bishops, pray for all priests and religious and the entire Church that we all can bear witness to the God who is Love.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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