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Yes we still honor the Sacred Heart! Come on home!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
This Friday is the First Friday of the month of January of the New Year. Why not start the year off on a good note and go to confession and Mass on Friday. God is faithful. God keeps His promises. God always keeps His promises. We may not in our weakness but God always keeps His promises. Let us trust in Our Lord Jesus that He will and does honor His promises in the Sacred Heart devotion and others.

The Sacred Heart promises are not just a antiquated thing for pre-Vatican II people it is for us today. God's Truth is eternal and does not change. If anything Vatican II proclaims that. It is only the foolish prideful people with agendas that were never in keeping with the Sacred truths of our faith that try to relegate things to a pre or post Vatican II idea. If we are faithful and obedient to one council we are faithful to the others they build upon the Sacred Tradition. Obedience to the faith is key for if we can not be obedient -be a person far leftist or to the extreme right we are still in dissent. To be in dissent is dangerous to the soul as it puts a person out of the Truth of Christ's Church.

I think that many of those in dissent when it comes down to it are just pawns in the game of pride. After all they have the answers not Holy Church. They know what is best and not the Holy Spirit who guides the Church. They know the real meaning of what Vatican II says not the Successor of St. Peter and the Bishops in union with him. They after all have big degrees and 'real world knowledge' not the Eternal Wisdom of God. Yes, it is pride pure and simple. It is the oldest game in history that the evil one plays. Adam and Eve fell into that trap and so does everyone else. Obedience is key. If a person can not be obedient to a bishop, to the Church and Her teachings, to the Holy Father then how can they be obedient to Christ Our Lord.

I also think we should do away with the labels of orthodox, traditional, liberal and conservative at least in the Mystical Body of Christ. We are either obedient sons and daughters of the Church or we are not. High Mass in Latin or a Life Teen Mass in Spanish or English or anywhere in between if we are obedient that is what matters the most. Obedient to Christ and obedient to His Church and Her Teachings. If we are filled with pride and selfish vain glory to the point that we are in dissent regardless of education or motives we are not being faithful Catholics or faithful Christians. I heard the quote one time that many people get their Ph.D.s (or other things) before they got their education. I am thankful to Our Lord I went to the school of the Eucharist first. He keeps me in check much better than I could. I have a long ways to go though.

How I got from the Sacred Heart devotion on the First Friday's and to dissent is beyond me. Be gracious with yourself this week. Go to confession, attend Mass, read up on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, make an act of reparation and be good to your soul. May God reward you as you take the time to honor His Sacred Heart. Yes, we still honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus my friends! Come home again to Christ's Church and draw comfort and courage!
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on us, on me, and on the whole world. Amen.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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