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"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you..."

Monday, February 06, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Now this is a first for me I will post a portion of my homework for my Moral Ethics course. I wanted to post something of weight and do not really have the time to type a regular posting today so I will just leave you with this. This particular portion is for my position on life issues. I have a bit of trouble with the footnotes and translating them to the blog so you will have to bear with me on that and hopefully can find the relevant notation in the text. One postition down and three more to go before class. Not to sure if I will post the other ones yet.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you..."
It is God who is the Author of all life. The Lord God of Hosts holds the value of each human life so dear that He Himself chose in the fullness of time to enter the world and as the Suffering Servant described by the Prophet Isaiah . The Prophet Jeremiah refers to God who has loved us with an everlasting love . It is for each and every soul created that Our Lord Jesus Christ suffered His brutal passion and death . Therefore, it is each soul created by the Most High God that has a value beyond all else for each soul- each life was purchased by God Himself with His very Blood. Each human life is sacred in its own right for it was created in the image and likeness of God and the Blood of the spotless Lamb that was slain for each person . The Sacred Scripture tells us that God Himself knit us together in our mother's womb . With the advances in genetics we see the very fingerprint of life in the unique DNA of each person and it is at the very moment of this great wonder and complexity of the formation of the human being at conception that God creates and imparts the soul. This is love in action for it is the infinite love of God- who is Love and Truth that the Creator brings a life that He paid the price for on Calvary into the world. Life begins through the infinite Love and Mercy of God at conception. Regardless of the socio-economic or even medical factors there is a reason and purpose that only Divine Providence can determine to each and every human life.
Respect for the sacredness of each life created does not end in conception. It is this respect for the dignity of each human that must extend throughout the life span of the person. It is mankind's sacred duty to not only protect the dignity of the human life at conception until birth but to extend that sacred duty throughout the life span of the individual until natural death. We must hold inviolate the dignity of each and every person with out regard to socio-economic, geographical, political, religious, ethnic or any other factor. We as Christian carry the sacred task of insuring that all peoples regardless of any number of factors are given the opportunity to realize their own unique dignity as children of Almighty God and that they are given the opportunity to live. God holds the value of each human life so sacred that He Himself commanded us to never take the life of another. Respecting and protecting the dignity and sacredness of each human life from the point of conception to natural death is not merely an option or a choice but is woven by God Himself into the very fabric of religion and faith. In fact I feel that this God given dignity is so vital that all the other positions of moral ethics hinge upon it and that is why I have devoted more space to writing this position. Each person is called by Almighty God to be His beloved and be partakers in the Beatific Vision in Heaven and each human being is should be afforded that same sacred dignity that He Himself has bestowed upon us.
We can not see in this life the reasoning for each soul for each individual but God can and He alone decides when life is imparted and when life ends. To bring about an interruption at any stage of the life of a individual person is not only a direct violation of the commandment to not kill but is a violation of the commandment to love God above all else and not have any strange gods above Him. For if we break the commandment to end the life of an individual that God has deemed of great value are we not making ourselves into false gods of self? Furthermore, God Himself spoke clearly in the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity that we love our neighbors as ourselves. To kill our neighbor be they at the beginning moments of life or in the middle or at the end is a direct rebellion to the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
In Ecclesiastes we hear that there is a purpose and time for everything under the heavens. There is a purpose for each soul- for each individual regardless of age or infirmity or class or anything else. Each human individual has a great dignity which comes from the God who is Love. If we treat the individual human life with the same respect and dignity that God affords us then moral ethics in other matters take on a completely different nature for then rather than dealing with an issue we are dealing with a fellow creature- a brother or sister that God loves with an everlasting love.
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