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Focus on the mission not on your bootlaces

Sunday, February 05, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
It is easy to get caught up in disappointment and especially in suffering. Thanks be to God right now I fall into the former rather than the latter. I have been though in times of great suffering and it is only through God's Mercy, Love and Grace that I rejoice today having passed through the crucible. I think though in reflecting on previous days that I have to look with fresh eyes at disappointments and realize that God can and does work through those if we trust in Him. However, just as in suffering- disappointments can also lead a soul that does not trust in Divine Providence right into the hands of the enemy of souls. I must confess that this came close to happening to me recently. Like Job in today's Sunday Mass reading I lamented and focused on disappointment rather than on the tremendous blessings that God has granted me. This came dangerously close to leading me into despair and sin.
Self righteousness is not a good thing and is a trap the evil one lays out for us to snare us and others. Rather we need to drop self and just be righteous for God. He is true and perfect Love,
Mercy and Truth and if we focus upon the Crucified and Risen Jesus Christ then we have no fear and we are justified.
Our Merciful God places people in our lives- friends and family- that lead us to His Truth and help us focus not on disappointments or suffering but upon Him. It happens to me all the time and for that I am so grateful to God. It is those moments that I can step back gain focus on the big picture and move on towards Christ. If I (or any of us) are focused on the little battles and the little wounds regardless of how much they sting we loose sight of the tremendous good that Our Lord is doing within us and others. It reminds me of a thing that a platoon sgt used to tell us over and over "keep focused on the mission not on your bootlaces". So, I like all of us must take our attention off our bootlaces and focus on our mission in Christ Jesus.
The dark storm continues to approach and if I or any of us focus on a little shadow we can not use the light of day we have to accomplish the work of God. I have to focus not on shadows of disappointments or the occasional time of suffering -rather on He who is
Truth, Love and Mercy. So, I have to get an occasional reminder and it is through those reminders I can grow in wisdom and get focused again. I think it is good to pull back occasionally to make sure we are doing things in accordance with His mission and His Will for us rather than on what we want. It is this refection regularly in prayer and through the prayerful advise of others that we grow in wisdom and stay focused upon Christ.
May we all grow in the Eternal Wisdom of The One who is the Way, the Truth and
the Life- Our Lord Jesus Christ. May Mary the Mother of Mercy pray for us all and aid us on our journey and our mission to her Divine Son- Jesus Christ.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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