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Friday night prayer.....

Friday, February 10, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!

Most Holy God open up the eyes of our souls that we may face our own sinfulness and to have true contrition for our offenses against You and our neighbor. Grant us Divine Light to see the true state of our souls so that we may confess our sins and receive Your Mercy. Grant that same Divine Light that we may see the spiritual realities that surround us so that we may avoid temptation, sin and error. Grant Your Light to those who are lost in the darkness of sin and error to the entire world and especially to those in our lives. May Your Merciful Light illuminate us in such a way that people are drawn to the splender of Truth which comes only from You. Help us with that Light to become ever more faithful to You and to Your Holy Church.

Grant also Oh Holy One that the ears to our souls may be opened to better hear the Truth of Your Word proclaimed to us so that we can put into practice daily Your Holy Will. Open the ears to our souls that we may hear the cries of those lost in darkness and better witness for You. Open the ears to our souls so that we may recognize error more clearly and that we may reject all that is not in keeping with the Truth that You and Your Church bear. Strengthen us Lord God through the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Your Son- Our Lord Jesus Christ against all sin and error.

Lord God, You know how much we firmly believe in
Your Love, Truth and Mercy and You know how easily we fall. Help us despite our numerous faults and failings to return always to You and to Your Church to receive forgiveness through our confession and salvation through the very Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Divine Son Our Lord Jesus Christ. Lord God renew our love for You and for each other and stretch our hearts to better receive Your Love. Protect and deliver us dear Lord God from every evil, both physical and spiritual, that we may better be the living witnesses of Your Mercy, Love and Truth to the world. Shelter us Most Merciful God and give us courage to accept our crosses and our vocations that You have called us to. Be with, guide and grant special graces and blessings to our Holy Father, Your Vicar on Earth, and to his brother Bishops and to all priests, religious, deacons and the entire faithful. May we all be shining lights of Your Truth, Love and Mercy to a world in darkness and chaos.

Lord God we love you. May every beat of our hearts from this moment forward ring out with our love and praise of You. Most Holy Lord God we thank you for Your Love, Your Mercy and Your Truth and for calling us to be Your beloved sons and daughters through Christ Our Lord- Your Son. Father send forth Your Holy Spirit upon each of us and those in our lives and upon the entire world to renew us and to keep us faithful always to You. Most Holy Trinity we bless You, we adore You, we praise You, we thank You and we Love You. Through the intercession of Mary the Mother of God and all the Angels and Saints may our prayer rise before You always. Amen.
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