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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!
Four times in the past three days I have had to put it in practice, though I should have praticed it many times more, it is what I call offering up and pouring out. The particulars of the situations are not really that important nor would it be too prudent to post in an public forum. Needless to say though I have had to face situations and fears, we all have them, in which I did all I could do and then I was frustrated and becoming anxious. The situations worked there selves out in large part but I think the key for me was when I prayed from the heart "Thine Will be done...Not mine" and offered the anxiety and worry and in one case pain up for the conversion of souls. It sounds much easier writing this down and from retrospect than it is at the time. It comes down I think to trust. Do I entrust my cares and pain to The One who is Mercy, Love and Truth so that He can work within me and others or do I hold on to them with some warped sense of ownership? It presents a problem because we all want to be to some extent in control. We also, each of us, I think enjoy in someway holding on to pain or suffering because it gives us a feeling of control and, I think, gives us something to complain about. Oh my gosh how I love to complain even to myself and to God. That is so wrong. We do what we can do- the best we can with what ever the situation and we give the rest to Christ. We need to, I need to, give all to Him and then do my (our best) within what Divine Providence dictates. I think when I get to the point that instead of fighting what or whom ever that I offer it up and surrender to God that He can work the biggest wonders within me and others. It takes lots of practice. I got to exercise those spiritual muscles several times recently and I know that I will get more opportunities to do the same in the future. Alas, don't we all.
I have no great intelligence nor any great ability however I am starting to find out that my weaknesses (and they are vast) are in fact the greatest streagths to God. I think sometimes He likes to take those who are weakest in countless areas and through His Grace work some of the biggest miracles just to show the world and especially the evil one how great and wonderful God is. Praise God I am one of those Divine 'projects' of
Grace and Mercy. I would venture to say each of you have your own areas which are causing hardship, suffering, pain and areas which you are very weak. It might be in your health, your family, your occupation, your education, friends, relationships from the past which are in disarray or in your prayerlife or spiritual journey. You might like me grow to become frustrated and anxious or want to hold on to the pain, the weakness or the suffering. Maybe it is comfortable- you know it- you may not like it but you know it well. My advise from experience is simply and maybe not so simply to caste your cares, your worries, your pain, your weakness, those in your life and yourself into the Divine Furnace of Ardent Charity and let God transform that (and you) into the great saint He is calling you to be. Let Christ Jesus be in control and don't look back. I assure you that it will be the grandest ride imaginable and you will never regret it. This I know.
I seem to remember writing in this blog or in one of the articles I submitted in the past for publication that we sometimes tend to use pain, suffering, past frustrations and failures and our weaknesses as crutches. We hold onto these things since even they can become comfortable- the devil we know, in otherwords. I know that I have done that and I would venture to say that many in a wide variety of things hold on to that devil we know rather than surrendering the weakness, the heartbreak, the suffering or what ever to
The One who can actually bring healing to us. Maybe it is a fear that what if God does heal us then we face the obligation of further proclaiming His Mighty Deeds. Maybe we fear that the healing or assistance He will bring will not be temporal but spiritual and we will face the reality of more suffering though with a new purpose: to offer it for the conversion of others. Maybe it is just because we all like to complain. I think with me it is a combination of all of those and maybe more. I only know though that in these past few days and before when I finally got to the point that I fully surrendered it all to God that the results began to happen. God loves each of us with an everlasting love. The evil one wants each of us to be so caught up in the distractions and anxieties of the day that we loose focus on Christ. If we try to control things ourselves, if I do myself, then we are doomed in various ways to failure and lots of unhappiness. We have to each reach a moment, and this may occur numerous times, when we finally say "Your Will be done Lord Jesus not mine". Then the real fun begins in the soul and the world around us.
Psalm below appeared appropriately in yesterday's Compline in my Divine Office. I felt it was a fitting one to add to this posting.
In His Merciful Love,

"Turn your ear to me, Lord, and hear me,
for I am poor and destitute.
Keep my life safe, for I am faithful;
O God, save your servant, who trusts in you.

Take pity upon me, O Lord,
for I call to you all the day long.
Make your servant's heart glad,
for to you, O Lord, I have raised it.
For you, Lord, are gentle and mild:
you are kind to all those who call on you.

Let your ears hear my prayer, O Lord!
Turn to the voice of my pleading!
In my time of trouble I call on you,
for you, O Lord, will hear me.

No other god is like you, O Lord,
and nothing compares with your works.
All people all nations you made
will come and worship before you;
they will give glory to your name.
For you are great, you work wonders:
you alone are God.

O Lord, teach me your paths,
and I will come to your truth.
Make my heart simple and guileless,
so that it honours your name.
I will proclaim you, Lord my God,
and give you praise with all my heart.
I will give glory to your name for ever,
for your great kindness is upon me:
you have rescued me from the deepest depths.

O God, the proud rise against me,
in the meetings of the powerful they seek my life:
they do not keep you in their sight.
And you, Lord, are a God of compassion,
full of mercies, patient and true.
Look upon me, have mercy upon me,
give your strength and protection to your servant
your servant, the child of your handmaid.

Give me a sign of your goodness,
let my enemies see it and be confounded;
because you, O Lord, have helped me and given me comfort."
+ Psalm 86

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