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Prayer for the Grace to Name My Sins

Friday, February 17, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
This is a good prayer for a Friday as tomorrow most Catholic parishes throughout the world will be having confession going on. I suggest that you pray this tonight and a couple times tomorrow along with your regular prayers to prepare yourself for the awesome Sacrament of Mercy that we have through Confession. Why not begin this Lent in a state of Grace so that you can better grow and mature in this Holy Season. Don't put it off any longer. Why are you settling for mediocre Christianity? Return to God and do not play around anymore with milquetoast Christianity. It does not matter how long it has been or how bad you have been. Our Lord is waiting for you hidden behind that priest and He is calling you.
Begin today with this prayer and by asking God for
His Mercy. Tomorrow you confess- and I do to. I will pray for you and you do that for me please and for all those who read this also.
Thanks to my friend across the ocean who sent this to me. You are in my prayers also.
In His Merciful Heart,

"Almighty and all-merciful God,
give me the strength of spirit to name my sins
and the courage to feel shame for them.
Let me feel confounded that my sins
have not destroyed me as others' have.
Teach me to weep for the hurt and harm
I have sinfully inflicted on others.
Please, Lord, I really want to live aware
of how I have let this terrible evil
root itself in my self and in my life world.
+ Fr. Joseph Tetlow, S.J.
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