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Sing of Mary, sing of JESUS

Thursday, February 09, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes is coming up on Saturday and if you did not know already the Holy Father has issued a plenary indulgence for this day....click here to read more.
In honor of Our Lady's big day coming up I thought I would post one of my favorite Marian hymns. I love it when I happen across this in my
Divine Office- it is yet unknown what my neighbors think of my singing to Mary yet. She can work on their hearts I guess.
Since it is a big Marian Feast day you might want to re-
consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary on Saturday.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

"SING of Mary, pure and lowly,
Virgin-Mother undefiled.
Sing of God's own Son most holy,
Who became her little child.
Fairest child of fairest Mother,
God the LORD who came to earth,
Word made Flesh, our very Brother,
Takes our nature by his birth.

Sing of JESUS, son of Mary,
In the home at Nazareth.
Toil and labour cannot weary
Love enduring unto death.
Constant was the love he gave her,
Though it drove him from her side,
Forth to preach, and heal, and suffer,
Till on Calvary he died.

Sing of Mary, sing of JESUS,
Holy Mother's holier son.
From his throne in heaven he sees us,
Thither calls us every one,
Where he welcomes home his Mother
To a place at his right hand,
There his faithful servants gather,
There the crowned victors stand.

Joyful Mother, full of gladness,
In thine arms thy LORD was borne.
Mournful Mother, full of sadness,
All thy heart with pain was torn.
Glorious Mother, now rewarded
With a crown at JESUS' hand,
Age to age thy name recorded
Shall be blest in every land.

Glory be to GOD the FATHER;
Glory be to GOD the SON;
Glory be to GOD the SPIRIT;
Glory to the THREE in ONE.
From the heart of blessed Mary,
From all saints the song ascends,
And the Church the strain re­echoes
Unto earth's remotest ends. "
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