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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I heard one time that if we question whether we are crazy or not chances are we are not for it is the ones who deny that they are that really in fact have the problem. So, the application to this and the spiritual life. When we recognize that we all fall short and sin and repent then we are actually making some degree of progress it is rather when we deny our failing that we really have a very big problem. I am so unworthy it is unbelievable and I fall and need the Mercy of God more than anyone. I sometimes fall into the trap of focusing on that fact to the point that I just want to throw up my hands and give up and not confess and begin anew the daily struggle. No one said it was easy- it is difficult. However it is that struggle I think that creates through God's Mercy and Grace the holiness that we are all called to.

We are each called to extraordinary holiness and none of us can achieve it on our own. We struggle, we admit our failings and we surrender to God everything so that He can create us anew daily. We (I) have to recognize that left to our own devices we will fall so we do the best we can today and surrender all to Christ for Him to mold our souls. It is when we do not recognize our individual sins and failings and deny our tendencies that we stop growing spiritually and actually fall even further. We can, I think, also do this by focusing so much on the sin or the failing that we do not allow or see the Mercy of God at work within us. It is about balance and that balance can only be found I think in meditating on the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I think it is not the person who falls repeatedly and goes back to confession again and again and prays daily that has the problem for we all fall in one way or another. Rather I think it is the person who gives up or does not try at all. We must focus on the heart of the matter- who do we serve and where are we trying to get to. Are we focusing on the world, on our own failings, on the failings of others or are we focusing upon The One who is Love, Truth and Mercy Incarnate.

I think that the evil one either wants us to be distracted to the point that we do not either see our individual failings and thereby feel that we do not need the Divine Mercy or we focus so much on our failings that we do not want to put forth the effort. Living for Christ and making the ascent up Mount Carmel is a challenge. The alternative to give up on Christ or on ourselves is not a alternative that leads to the Beatific Vision rather the opposite. Dying to self and putting on Christ is hard and do not let anyone tell you different- yet it is so worth it. Maybe that is why Our Lord referred to it as entering through the narrow gate because it is such a challenge and so few are willing to daily make that challenge. You can do it though. You have been called by The One who is perfect Love, Truth and Mercy. You have been called to a great dignity by the God who created the entire universe to be His beloved.

So, as I begin anew my struggle and so do you I ask that you
pray for me that I may continue to fight the good fight and run this long race and know that my prayers come before God for you that you to may hit the mark. Let us focus on Christ and ask him to help us remain faithful and be obediant to The Word Made Flesh and His Bride.
Mary, Mother of Mercy, pray for us that we may better focus on your Divine Son and pray that we may have the grace of final perseverance and endurance. Amen.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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