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Saturday, February 18, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I am reminded in the first reading for Saturday's Mass of the old summer camp song "It only takes a spark to get a fire going". We can be, each of us, effective instruments for God and to inflame the faith within others. Simply by being faithful, through prayer, example, deed and word we can each contribute to the salvation of souls untold. We live as daily witnesses to the Truth, Love and Mercy of God in such a way that people are drawn to Him. Even if we are suffering we can be a witness by offering up to God our suffering for souls in our lives and around the world. You matter and what you do matters.
We can also pull souls into further darkness by actions and words that are not in keeping with
the sacred dignity that we have all been called to. Do we act poorly on the freeway, do we act poorly to neighbors who come at inconvenient times, do we speak poorly of people, do we look on others as objects for scorn- ridicule or desire? We all will have to face out sins in judgment when we have lead others astray at those times. We can also lead others astray by watering down the Truth of Christ and His Church so that others continue to fall into darkness without Christ's Light shining through us to guide them.
I think it comes down again to choices do we choose to live as children of the Light or children of the darkness. Do we grow in the spiritual life or do we allow are souls to fall into decay and there by through commission or omission lead souls right in to the hands of the evil one. I choose Life. I choose Love.
I choose Mercy. I choose Truth. I choose Christ Jesus Our Lord today. Please join in with me and let us through the Holy Spirit start a fire of God's Eternal Love, Mercy and Truth in the dark forest of despair. The choice is up to you. Let us all pass His Mercy on.
In His Merciful Love,
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