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The cat and the bag

Monday, March 27, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!
I was doing homework about 30 minutes ago and heard a big crash. What ensued was 15 minutes of first trying to discern what this unholy noise was and then chasing down the cat who had become entangled in a plastic grocery sack. The cat had the handle of the sack tangled around his body and ran in a most bizarre fashion from room to room scared out of his mind as the evil plastic bag followed him everywhere. I have never heard such a racket as this poor cat who was frightened ran into doors, walls and everything else in his vain attempt to escape the bag from hell that was tormenting him. I wanted to laugh and I wanted to shout as I tried to catch him and save him from his own demise. Eventually he ran under a bed and hid. "There now that evil thing that has grabbed on to me is gone and I am safe"- I am sure he thought in his cat brain. This gave me a chance to pull him with some effort from under the bed and take the contraption off of him and calm his frayed nerves. Now life is wonderful for him again and I have gained a wee bit of wisdom- besides the obvious of not leaving a plastic bag within 10 feet of a cat.
I come up on times in my own life when little things attach themselves to me. Ideas, imperfections, sin and even situations that cause great trouble and send me running into the walls and doorposts. It is through prayer and most of that in silence before Our Lord Jesus Christ that He unravels the problems and frees me so that I can calm down and get to the business of life with Him again. In the case of sin He does this through the Sacrament of reconciliation and later through Holy Eucharist. Another way of freeing ones self from the entanglements we ensnare ourselves in is through good old fashioned mortification and penance. We have to (I have to) break the bonds that have ensnared us. What a wonderful gift we have been given in Lent to do this. We don't have to run about scared of the monster that is on us but we can free ourselves through God's Mercy and Grace and live in His Love and Peace regardless of what the world is doing. It is that interior peace that we need desperately if we hope to withstand the trials and darkness of the world around us. It is peace that can only come by rending our hearts and putting on Christ Jesus. This world is full of traps and monsters that can attach them self to us and only in Christ can we ever find freedom. It is only through prayer and the sacraments that we break free like my cat and can rest within His Heart.
Just like I had to remove the temptation for the cat to become entagled again we have to avoid at all costs the near occasion to what ever sin tends to grab ahold of us. It is amazing what a animal can teach a person but not as amazing as what God can do with the soul that trusts in Him. We (I) press forward on this Great Lent rending hearts and praying as we await the glorious Easter which comes. No one that I know of, including myself, enjoys mortification and penance and rending our hearts -it is tuff work- however we must do these things in order to rid our selves of that unwanted bag-gage that causes us to run about harming our souls. Like that cat who ran under the bed we need to go into the confessionals and those quiet rooms alone in prayer so that God can help us remove the junk and live freely in His Love.
In His Merciful Heart,
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