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Giving up????

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Lent is here. So many just associate it with giving something up. Usually they give up something that they should not have too much of in the first place. I have done it too. It is easy to give up sweets, ice cream, chips, soda or something like that. This Lent propel your soul further and quite messing around with namby pamby half hearted Christianity. God deserves better and your soul deserves better than that.
Let the heathens meditate on rocks and pray to the spirit of flowers or what ever they do. Embrace the Truth. Embrace the Faith of the True and Living God. Embrace the Cross of Jesus Christ. You are a child of the Most High God for goodness sake. You are called by God Himself to be a great Saint. You will not get there with a half hearted lukewarm Lent or life. It is time for you to begin- along with me to live as Children of Light.
You want to do penance? Give up all television (or at least give up all but 30 minutes- an hour a day) for
Lent. Give up all internet (or a very big portion). Figure out what you spend on extras -from junk food to movie rentals to dinner out for the entire Lenten period and give that anonymously to a food shelf. With your extra time pray an extra Rosary and an extra Chaplet of Divine Mercy everyday. Attend daily Mass throughout Lent. Go to Confession each week during Lent. You want real suggestions to improve your spiritual life then try these or an adaptation (using prudence of course). If you want to really grow spiritually then you are going to have to begin some active purification. Feel good fluff will not get your soul anywhere other than potentially lead you into the pit.
Now here is the invitation to
all the Catholic bloggers out there- each and everyone of you. Pick 5 days or so each week during Lent and do not blog at all- pray instead. Test yourself and see if blogging has taken a little bit to much priority over prayer- over God. Now I know I just made folks mad at that one. I did not mean to however we all need to reexamine what we hold up as priorities- I do. Start adding up how much time you spend on your phone with chatter and gossip- give it up- who is your God- the phone, your neighbor or The True and Living God. I certainly have to do some serious reevaluation myself. We all have so much need for improvement and purification within. If we don't like the way things are with the world or within the Church then we must first go through a vigilant active purification individually.
Folks it is crunch time. We need Saints to be formed not spiritual weaklings who will fold under the slightest pressure. We need to embrace this Lent as a great opportunity to become saints for Christ not run from it. To embrace it though we need to do penance and pray and hit that confessional in earnest. Today we begin let us do this together for Christ.
In His Merciful Heart,
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