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Friday, March 24, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
It seems to me that the older I get and the further I progress along in the interior life with Our Lord Jesus Christ there are many things I understand and many more I do not understand. What I will focus on right now is one of those things I do not understand. I know we should be loving to our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who have little faith or who for what ever reason have lost faith. I guess I just don't understand how intelligent people who have been well educated in the Truths that we hold so dear can be so lukewarm and even spiritually sick. I have been so blessed recently and throughout my life to know men and women of great faith. I attend Mass with some of the most faith filled men and women I have ever met. Souls that shine. I have also seen at times in the outside world men and women who have unfortunately received their degrees before they received their education. I see folks who seem to be more intent of mediocre lives filled with agendas rather than with Christ or love of neighbor and it puzzles me. Both groups of people are equally intelligent yet one group lives for Christ and embraces His Truth and the other would rather work towards unreal agendas which are based in disobedience and pride.
I have been so fortunate to witness lately the lives of men and women who are filled with a great love of Christ's Church and who embrace their crosses and their vocations with a zeal that gives me great courage and hope. Conversely I have witnessed people who just do not get it -either that or reject His Truth. It frustrates me at times- many times. I see the world heading for a collision and I so desperately want to help in my very feeble way to bring souls before the Throne of Grace and Mercy though I do not know how best to bear witness.
I know that Our Merciful God loves each person who ever they are with a everlasting love. I know that even those who frustrate me are loved by The One who is Truth, Love and Mercy. I know that even those who live horrible lives of sin and evil are called to His Mercy and Truth. Yet how does one very feeble and poorly educated Catholic Christian proclaim with any authority the Love and Mercy of God. My only voice I think that can reach out to many is this poor excuse of a blog. I can only pray that tomorrow I can be a better witness in my personal life and in my public life. Any good in my life or any souls that have been lead to Him through me is due to God and the things that are not so good is all me. I don't think that is false humility but rather reality.
What I ask of you this weekend is to lift up in prayer the souls of those who are lukewarm and those who are in the most darkness that they may find conversion. God knows who needs our prayers the most and will help them--what we have to do is be faithful and pray for them. St. Monica never gave up on Augustine and look how God answered her prayers with his conversion. We too do not need to complain but pray and pray some more. I have to remember that I am not called to be successful but faithful. Let God take care of the other let us just be faithful and pray with out ceasing.
In His Merciful Heart,
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