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Saturday, March 25, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!

"Thus says the LORD: Beware! I am filling with drunkenness all the inhabitants of this land, the kings who succeed to David's throne, the priests and prophets, and all the citizens of Jerusalem. I will dash them against each other, fathers and sons together, says the LORD; I will show no compassion, I will not spare or pity, but will destroy them. Give ear, listen humbly, for the LORD speaks. Give glory to the LORD, your God, before it grows dark; Before your feet stumble on darkening mountains; Before the light you look for turns to darkness, changes into black clouds. If you do not listen to this in your pride, I will weep in secret many tears; My eyes will run with tears for the LORD'S flock, led away to exile. ..This is your lot, the portion measured out to you from me, says the LORD. Because you have forgotten me, and trusted in the lying idol, I now will strip off your skirts from you, so that your shame will appear. Your adulteries, your neighings, your shameless prostitutions: On the hills in the highlands I see these horrible crimes of yours. Woe to you, Jerusalem, how long will it yet be before you become clean!"
+ Jerimiah 13:13-17,25-27

So it was then so it is now...............
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