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Friday, March 24, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!
Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things but it is my hope that soon I can start up the new blog and close out this one. Finding a nice looking template that I can adapt that will give proper glory to God is important. Taking the time to do it is a challenge also. One of these days I will find something and adapt it properly. Until that day you have to suffer through this thing a bit longer.
I ask you to please today and this weekend to pray
the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Pray at home or at work or go to a local Church. What matters is that you do it not set it off. Soon we will all wish that we prayed more one way or the other. I just feel that in the depth of my heart- I don't understand it and it does not come from various seers but rather a intense feeling. God is so loving and merciful and regardless of what you have done He is waiting for you. I can promise you as one who knows from experiance you will never regret any time you spend in prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ. I do ask you though when you offer your Chaplet to remember me and my intentions in your prayers.

Big Holy Day tomorrow in honor of our Blessed Mother's Fiat. I heard a guy on the radio today saying that it was the Fiat that changed the course of humanity. Just think of the good that we could all do if each of us responded to what God asks us with a similar YES.
In His Merciful Heart,
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