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Ruff spots and gratitude

Friday, March 03, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
These last few days have been challenging in many ways to me. I looked back on my day today with some ruff spots but with some very wonderful joys and great graces and I wish in several things I would have been even more of a witness- maybe even a silent witness. I think one of the big things I learned today which really upset me was that I (we all) can get so focused on a injustice or problem that we don't accept the graces that Our Lord grants us right before our eyes. I did that today. Rather than being grateful and joyful about some really good things- in several cases I focused a couple times on things that I should not have. So my lesson on this first Friday of Lent is to be thankful to God for the little things and offer up the rest. He is Merciful and He calls us each to come into the warmth of His Sacred Heart.
Yes I think things are going to get pretty dicey in the very near future. I think though if we (I) can not experience the joy and peace today then later it will be so very hard to find inner peace amist confusion. Take a breath tonight- find His Mercy and Peace and remain in His Love. Look to the Cross and trust. We (I) can not be His witness(s) if we are not at peace within His Heart. Peace within I might note does not mean peace in the world for if we are not being persecuted we are not proclaiming His Truth as Cardinal Newman said.
Thank you Lord Jesus for this day! Jesus, I love you and trust in You!
In His Merciful Love,
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