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Sing of Mary! The Annunciation.

Saturday, March 25, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!
In honor of our Blessed Mother and her supreme FIAT I have placed the poem used by the Holy See in their broadcast of today's Mass from St Peter's. Please remember our beloved Holy Father Benedict and his brother bishops and all priests in your prayers. Please also take a moment this weekend to tell Mary our Mother thank you.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
and In His Merciful Heart,

"The Annunciation"
"Ashes of paper, ashes of a world
Wandering, when fire is done:
We argue with the drops of rain!

Until On comes Who walks unseen
Even in elements we have destroyed.
Deeper than any nerve
He enters flesh and bone.
Planting His truth, He puts our substance on.
Air, earth, and rain
Rework the frame that fire has ruined.
What was dead is waiting for His Flame.
Sparks of His Spirit spend their seeds, and hide
To grow like irises, born before summertime.
These blue thinas bud in Israel.

The girl prays by the bare wall
Between the lamp and the chair.
(Framed with an angel in our galleries
She has a richer painted room, sometimes a crown.
Yet seven pillars of obscurity
Build her to Wisdom's house, and Ark, and Tower.
She is the Secret of another Testament
She owns their manna in her jar.)

Fifteen years old -
The flowers printed on her dress
Cease moving in the middle of her prayer
When God, Who sends the messenger,
Meets His messenger in her Heart.
Her answer, between breath and breath,
Wrings from her innocence our Sacrament!
In her white body God becomes our Bread.

It is her tenderness
Heats the dead world like David on his bed.
Times that were too soon criminal
And never wanted to be normal
Evade the beast that has pursued
You, me and Adam out of Eden's wood.
Suddenly we find ourselves assembled
Cured and recollected under several green trees.

Her prudence wrestled with the Dove
To hide us in His cloud of steel and silver:
These are the mysteries of her Son.
And here my heart, a purchased outlaw,
Prays in her possession
Until her Jesus makes my heart
Smile like a flower in her blameless hand. "
Fr Thomas Merton, OCSO
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