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Things I noticed this Lent on the internet....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I am limiting my television and internet time over Lent however one of the things I have noticed on some of the Catholic blogs and even regular websites is some petty (relatively) complaining. Yes, if this was not Lent it would be important stuff. Not now. We must focus on Lent--we must focus on rending our hearts, on penance, on prayer on Jesus Christ. I am not trying to say that discussion about liturgical norms or abuses do not have their place- they do- just not right now. I think it confuses many. We have a obligation I feel as Catholic bloggers and internet publishers to proclaim first and foremost Christ crucified right now so to be witnesses to the world.
We can focus so much on the accidentals that we loose focus on the substance- the heart of the matter. The more we put into Lent- the more we rend our hearts and do serious prayer and penance now the better we will be later on the Glorious Easter. I think also we are coming fast upon some big events shrouded in darkness and iniquity very soon. I pray I am wrong. If I am great and we get to have a wonderful Easter after a blessed Lent. If I am right then we need this time of preparation. Either way our souls benefit-for we always benefit when we turn from sin and evil and look to the Cross of Jesus Christ.
The the victory the evil one can gain on each of us as bloggers and our readers this Lent is if we get so worked up about accidentals that we loose focus on Our Lord Jesus Christ and the purpose of Lent. I do not blog much right now primarily because I am busy as all get out. I also especially do not blog too much right now because I would rather spend the time in prayer and in spiritual reading during this Lent. One of the big things I am having to learn this Lent is to not worry about the things that I have no control over and offer the rest up. Christ has to come first.
Please get off the internet. Please turn off the television. Please stop blogging about problems and pour out your heart for Jesus Christ and be a witness today.
In His Merciful Heart,
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