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Friday, March 31, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
The prayer that I wrote a few weeks ago and posted on this blog "Conform my soul O Lord" should come with a warning label I think. Warning do not pray this prayer unless you are prepared for Our Merciful God to really begin to conform you. I am glad I did- says the man who is in the midst of purification- though it should not be taken lightly. No body I think enjoys purification -active or passive. It is vital to progress in the spiritual life but it aint fun my friends. We strive for The One who is Holy and therefore we must caste off- or have it casted off- the shell that we hold on to of self. It is hard work and it is not fun at times- worth it yes.
Don't let these pycho babble new age neophytes or liberal feel good milquetoasters tell you that the walk with Christ is a walk in the garden. Well maybe in a way it is but it is the garden that Our Lord sweated and wept blood in agony. There can be no Easter Sunday with out Good Friday. We must enter into the passion ourselves to some measure to come through it created anew in Him and for Him. He has brought me this far and I am not going to leave now just because it is a bit painful.
I think at times holiness is a process and sometimes we get caught up in the process and fail to remember the destination. So as the old Irish priest says we begin at the beginning. Each day we (I) begin anew the struggle and I thank God each day that this day He brings me through with a greater love for Him. Real authentic Catholic faith is for real men and women not for the fluff doctors of hypocrisy. Be a real man. Be a real woman. Embrace your cross and follow on this journey towards Christ Jesus. Just watch for prayers that may have warning labels attached as they may work.
In His Merciful Heart,
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