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Elevation, the Cross and Faith

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I was thinking about the reading from a few days ago "so as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert so must the Son of Man be lifted up" (cf. St. John 3:12-21). Our Lord was obviously speaking of the His Cross in this. We read further that He says He will draw all people unto Himself (cf. St. John 12:31-36). Countless generations have found salvation through Christ Jesus Crucified- the Son of Man lifted up. With that said I thought about the Mass and how the priest after the consecration elevates the Holy Eucharist- Our Lord Jesus Christ. Again Our Lord is lifted up and at our worthy communion He draws us into Himself and He takes up His abode within us and we within Him. The Creator of the Universe takes on the appearance of bread and wine so that our corruptible bodies may be united with the incorruptible, with the Holy Mighty One and to bring us salvation and eternal life.
I must confess that it was a struggle for me and sometimes is to understand and really believe that the Holy God who created us all and redeemed us with His own blood would come under the appearance of bread and wine. "Lord I believe, help my unbelief"
(cf St. Mark 9:23-24). I think what we need is to pray for an increase of faith- for it is through the eyes of faith that the scales of perdition and worldliness are pealed back and we see. Regardless of who we are or how far on our journeys we have traveled, regardless of our levels of education or even catachisis we must all pray daily for an increase of faith.There is no such thing as too much or even enough faith. There is no such thing as too much love or hope. We all need an increase of faith, hope and love regardless of our state in life or vocation. Faith, Hope and Love are gifts from God and we must pray for an increase in all three daily. I think God likes those prayers for an increase of faith hope and love. It is through increased faith, hope and love that we know just how much He loves us and how we can best love Him, serve Him and love others that He created. He will supply us with full measure and running over if we ask (cf. St Luke 6:38; 1 Cor2:9) .
We are coming up quickly on
the Holiest days of the Christian year. Look upon Christ Jesus on the crucifix lifted up and then watch what the priest does in the Mass. Pray for an increase of faith, hope and love to see, to love and to serve the Word Made Flesh who will draw you into Himself and He within you. Look to the Cross that is where our hope is. Look to Jesus and remain in His Love (cf. St. John15).
Have a blessed Holy Week!
In His Merciful Heart,

"His Passion then He sets before him not very openly, but rather darkly; but the advantage of the Passion He adds in a clearer manner, saying, "That every one that believeth in Him. should not perish, but have everlasting life." For when He had said, "must be lifted up," and alluded to death, test the hearer should be made downcast by these words, forming some mere human opinions concerning Him, and supposing that His death was a ceasing to be, observe how He sets this right, by saying, that He that was given was "The Son of God," and the cause of life, of everlasting life. He who procured life for others by death, would not Himself be continually in death; for if they who believed on the Crucified perish not, much less doth He perish who is crucified. He who taketh away the destitution of others much more is He free from it; He who giveth life to others, much more to Himself doth He well forth life. Seest thou that everywhere there is need of faith? For He calls the Cross the fountain of life; which reason cannot easily allow, as the heathens now by their mocking testify. But faith which goes beyond the weakness of reasoning, may easily receive and retain it. And whence did God "so love the world"? From no other source but on]y from his goodness.
Let us now be abashed at His love, let us be ashamed at the excess of His lovingkindness, since He for our sakes spared not His Only-begotten Son, yet we spare our wealth to our own injury; He for us gave His Own Son, but we for Him do not so much as despise money, nor even for ourselves. And how can these things deserve pardon? If we see a man submitting to sufferings and death for us, we set him before all others, count him among our chief friends, place in his hands all that is ours, and deem it rather his than ours, and even so do not think that we give him the return that he deserves. But towards Christ we do not preserve even this degree of right feeling. He laid down His life for us, and poured forth His precious Blood for our sakes, who were neither well-disposed nor good, while we do not pour out even our money for our own sakes, and neglect Him who died for us, when He is naked and a stranger; and who shall deliver us from the punishment that is to come? For suppose that it were not God that punishes, but that we punished ourselves; should we not give our vote against ourselves? should we not sentence ourselves to the very fire of hell, for allowing Him who laid down His life for us, to pine with hunger? But why speak I of money? had we ten thousand lives, ought we not to lay them all down for Him? and yet not even so could we do what His benefits deserve. For he who confers a benefit in the first instance, gives evident proof of his kindness, but he who has received one, whatever return he makes, he repays as a debt, and does not bestow as a favor; especially when he who did the first good turn was benefiting his enemies. And he who repays both bestows his gifts on a benefactor, and himself reaps their fruit besides. But not even this induces us; more foolish are we than any, putting golden necklaces about our servants and mules and horses, and neglecting our Lord who goes about naked, and passes from door to door, and ever stands at our outlets, and stretches forth His hands to us, but often regarding Him with unpitying eye; yet these very things He undergoeth for our sake. Gladly doth He hunger that thou mayest be fed; naked doth He go that He may provide for thee the materials for a garment of incorruption, yet not even so do ye give up any of your own. Some of your garments are moth-eaten, others are a load to your coffers, and a needless trouble to their possessors, while He who gave you these and all else that you possess goeth naked".
+ Homily excerpt of St John Chrysostom, # 27, On the Gospel of St. John.

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