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Monday, April 17, 2006
Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!
For the most part I kept to my Lenten promise to greatly limit or even eliminate television and internet that was not absolutely needed. I did fudge some but I did pretty well over all. Ya know what my friends I turned on the television today and I could not believe the defense. It is not that the shows are worse in 40 some odd days time but my sight is much clearer now.
We are inundated by so much filth we can not even see strait. This on regular networks that does not even touch the vile stuff that many of the cable networks pump out. No wonder lines to the confessionals are so short. People have completely lost any sense of what sin and evil is. We dare not write or say that certain acts are sinful and evil lest we upset the delicate flowers of the wicked. Oh yes I know it might be offensive to those morally and ethically challenged individuals who love to spread hate messages against God and the Holy Church yet can not stand to face the reality of their own lives of debauchery and evil.
Certain municipalities are guilty of interference as it seems with the Bill of Rights in the exercise of a little known thing called the Freedom of Religion. These groups with agendas promote the politically correctness which is only equitable to members of their 'chosen' clique of false morality. That is in the US in other countries politically correctness has resulted in the definite beginnings of religious persecution- why because the faint hearted are not willing to hear or be told someone else is hearing that actions have consequences.
But I am not finished yet. The rancid cult of me-ism further is developing throughout the media and all societies with it's devilish snares set to trap all who do not bow down to the god of self. This diabolical cult slides in with a cunning not seen before and promoted by the mindless chatter of countless self absorbed hours spent in front of the doctored up robots of personality. We are told that things such as morality, ethics, Eternal Truth, Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and Divine Law are things which hinder the progression of freedom by many. Yet, these same freedom minded individuals and groups would rather force feed their own agendas down the throats of humanity's children. We play down to the lowest basest common denominator and deny people the dignity that they are created to be. We play down the intelligence of people by force feeding them fluff and warm and fuzzy (and many times evil) notions that sin is not important.
People wake up! Rise up to your dignity that you were created to live in! Use the intelligence and the brilliant minds that you have and reject this poisonous pill you are being offered which is wrapped in the candy coating of politically correctness and mindless slobber which is invading the world. There is an absolute good. There is an absolute Truth. There is real love. There is such a thing as eternal joy and eternal damnation. There is one word to sum up all Truth and He has a name- a Holy and righteous Name Jesus.
The hour is getting very late. Mercy and Grace is pouring out of the wounded Heart of God. It is time to reject the cult of self and accept the Truth of who you are and who HE IS. Weeks are as minutes and days are as seconds. Time is quickly clicking away. The Master knocks at the door of your heart and waits. He calls you by name. Come. You must decide the world and it's traps which are falling into destruction or the God of Mercy, Truth and Love.
Come Forward Oh Lord God and wake this world up before more souls are lost. Come Forward you mighty ones of God and shake the sleepy children out of the haze of the evil one who is trying to ensnare the souls of humanity. Come Forward you people of the Most High God and speak out against the storm of destruction which is pulling so many souls into the pit of eternal ruin.
Purify this world and our hearts Oh Lord God of the filth which burdens your children's souls and destroys the destiny that they should have been seeking. Draw souls into Your Heart filled with infinite Love and Mercy. Send forth the heavenly fire of Your Mercy and Love upon this world so that souls may shine with Your Glory. Amen.
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